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Introducing “online analysis”:
Real-time analysis of synchrotron X-ray data during data acquisition

Analysis of synchrotron X-ray data using Scatterin SaaS during beamtime provides immediate feedback and enables instant decisions on experiment parameters.

This means shorter time to results and increased efficiency in beamtime use.

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Utilize neutron and synchrotron X-ray facilities in 4 adjustable steps


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Neutron and synchrotron X-ray materials and process analysis as a service

In-house developed algorithms enable high efficiency in data analysis

Easy-to-use data analysis software: Scatterin SaaS

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neutron and synchrotron X-ray data analysis small angle scattering diffraction
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Scatterin powers understanding-driven innovations in materials and processes.

Let's Work Together!

profile photo_Ahmet 2.jpg

Co-founder & CEO

Ahmet Bahadır Yıldız

PhD from KTH Royal Institute of Technology within SwedNess: Swedish graduate school on neutron scattering. Metallurgical Engineer from RWTH Aachen. Since 2015, working on materials and process optimization using experiments at large-scale facilities.

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Software Developer

Casper Kristiansson

Bachelor's degree in Software Development from KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Previous working experience as front- and backend development. Working experience in cloud systems.


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Photo_Peter Hedström.jpg

Co-founder & CSO

Peter Hedström

Professor in Materials Science at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Since 2002, conducting research in metallic materials at large-scale facilities. Experience from conducting experiments at 10 different neutron and synchrotron X-ray facilities. 

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Synchrotron expert (Hamburg-based)

Malte Blankenburg

PhD from CAU zu Kiel. Has been beamline scientist at P21.2 Swedish Materials Science beamline in DESY, Hamburg between 2020-2024.


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Data scientist

Emil Österberg

Master's degree in Applied and Computational Mathematics at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Mathematics of Data Science track. Previous working experience in numerical methods.


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Business developer

Markus Holmström

Masters degree in Strategic Business development from University of Vaasa. 9 years of experience in  commercializing innovations in the Nordics.


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